What is Diagrammatica?

Diagrammatica offers a collection of graphic images that present theoretical arguments via their visual and spatial structure. Each diagram is presented along with its concept (name tag), the name of its designer, the year and title of its original publication, and a brief selection of written text in order to aid its navigation. Where available, diagrammatic relations of parent and child are also presented. Parent diagrams are typically more abstract, whereas their children are more specific expressions built upon the diagrammatic structure of their parents. 

A brief introduction to diagrams and suggestions for reading them is presented below, followed by a list of pertinent quotations, and a bibliography of relevant sources. The bibliography focuses upon texts that explore and explain the theoretical foundation of Diagrammatica, rather than manuals and texts addresssing diagrammatic design or works which contain diagrams themselves. The contents of Diagrammatica can be explored from either a visual diagram index, arranged chronologically, or an alphabetic index of diagram designers.