A machinic portrait of Kant


A machinic portrait of Kant
"We could imagine a machinic portrait of Kant, illusions included (see schema).

The components of the schema are as follows: 1) the ""I think"" :is an ox head wired for sound, which constantly repeats Self = Self; 2) the categories as universal concepts (four great headings): shafts that are extensive and retractile according to the movement of 3); 3) the moving wheel of the schemata; 4) the shallow stream of Time as form of interior­ity, in and out of which the wheel of the schemata plunges; 5) space as form of exteriority: the stream's banks and bed; 6) the passive self at the bottom of the stream and as junction of the two forms; 7) the principles of synthetic judgments that run across space-time; 8) the transcendental field of possible experience, immanent to the "I" (plane of imma­nence); and 9) the three Ideas or illusions of transcendence (circles turning on the absolute horizon: Soul, World and God)."
Deleuze, Gilles
Guattari, Félix
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