The Quarries Today

The granite industry declined quickly in the early twentieth century with the invention of concrete.  The abandoned quarries are now filled with water.  Many are used for swimming and sunbathing, though mostly illicitly.  One quarry, Steel Derrick, is a very popular gathering spot.  Access requires membership in the Pigeon Hill Quarry Association, unless you are willing to take your chances to slip in.   

The many quarries remaining on Cape Ann are popular destinations for hikers, mountain bikers and those seeking a bit of peace and solitude.  Each has its own unique character and quirks and all can be enjoyed year round.

Not all quarries have been abandoned.  The Folly Cove quarry, for example, is still being worked by an local man who works this "motion" using hand tools.  Granite is still sought after by artists and homeowners who use this local product for driveways, stone walls and in landscaping.

Created: Apr 1, 2024
Modified: Apr 3, 2024
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