Omeka Training


Cats & Kittens of NKY

Photos of cats and kittens of Northern Kentucky.

Diagram Wonderland

Enter the wonderland! What will you discover?

Festival de l'Äir_TestAnke

Tracing changes in the clothing of the Kel Timia - the Gerd Spittler collections

Huygens test

Test for Huygens Instituut Omeka Training

Lotte Lenya, 1962
Lotte Lenya: Life After Kurt Weill (1950-1981)

The life and career of Lotte Lenya after the death of Kurt Weill (1950-1981)

More than a Quillbox

A quick proof of concept

Munsell Color System

This site contains pages of the Atlas of the Munsell Color System, published 1915.

Omeka S Intensives

A sandbox for those participating in the Omeka S Intensive.

D. Jones and Aerie
Oral History Outreach

An introduction to the Oral History Program at Eastern Michigan University

The Engravings of Czesław Słania

Images of stamp engravings of Czesław Słania, who was the Chief Engraver of Sweden.

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